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Do you feel like creating a home that you love is impossible?


So many people feel the pressure to create "magazine-worthy" homes but feel like they can't pull it off.

The decision making can be overwhelming, the challenges frustrating and the outcome disappointing.

Are you settling for a home that you don't love or isn't working for your family?

What if there was a simple way to create a home that you are proud of?

Alex Sallenger Design can make your dream a reality.

We understand the frustration you're feeling when you think about your home. Alex herself has been there!  Struggles with her own home led her to develop our design-to-delivery system. We're able to evaluate your home, inspiration photos, and more to create a space ideal for you, your family, and lifestyle.

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We will make your dream home a reality while taking all of the small details into consideration and making sure it is a perfect fit for your family. No more second guessing every choice that you make. 


Say hello to a home that you're confident in.

See how our design-to-delivery process can create a home that you and your loved ones can't get enough of. 

Schedule your consultation

before you run to Homegoods 

one more time. Save yourself time

and money. 

We collaborate to create a

space that will not only look

beautiful but also positively

impact your life.

We handle all of the ordering and delivery arrangements. You get to kick back, relax, and enjoy a space that you finally feel proud to call home. 

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