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4 Home Decor Trends for 2022

I spent a few days traveling earlier this week to the High Point Market. If you’ve never heard of market, it the world’s largest home furnishings trade show. Basically, it’s like Disneyworld for interior designers. I made purchases, met some amazing new sources and hunted for all of the upcoming interior design trends. There were so many things I loved, but 4 trends kept popping up over and over again, no matter which showroom I visited.

1- Bold, bright colors. A few years ago, neutral, monochromatic color schemes started giving way to high contrast white and black spaces. In the coming months and years, I see more and more bold color coming into our neutral homes. Vivid, bold colors like hot pink, rusty orange and lime green were popular on pieces that we might normally choose a muted tone for. Think beds, super unique artwork and even large pattern wallpaper-choose your signature color and if you can add it into a space, you should!

2- Caning accents on furniture. Caning (when referring to furniture) is the art of weaving the rattan vine. It has historically been used to make chair seats and backs, but, as with all rattan, has been growing in popularity and spreading its wings in the last year or so. It is a classic technique so it is here to stay, but its uses have grown. I think we will be seeing it more and more on case goods like sideboards, wardrobes and wine cabinets.

3- Bone inlay. Bone inlay is a type of intarsia where pieces of bone, shell or man-made materials resembling them are used to create a pattern on a piece of furniture or other home décor accessory. Pieces like this add character to a space while usually bringing storage and function as well. The coolest part about bone inlay is that, if you choose the right pattern, it can fit effortlessly into almost any interior design style. I saw inlay on side tables, serving trays, coffee tables and more.

4- Equestrian influences. This is probably the upcoming trend that surprised me most. I love horses, the majority of my friends and family like horses. Horses are wonderful creatures. I did not expect them to become such a staple of home décor. I first noticed this when 3 different art galleries I popped into were largely and proudly highlighting their collection of horse pictures front and center as you entered the building. From photography to paintings and even graphic design, horses were a prominent theme in wall art this year. As I continued through my trip, I also started noticing a large number of equestrian influences in bedding and throw pillows and

even several horse statues. If you are a horse lover, you are in luck!

Market was such an exciting trip and provided me with so much inspiration and many new contacts that I am excited to work with. Future clients can look forward to amazing spaces full of custom furniture, highly personalized artwork and many, many incredible home goods from American makers. I have more to share from Market, so make sure you subscribe to the blog, and if you are interested in discussing your own home project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

So, tell me in the comments....Which of these trends are you looking forward to the most?

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