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Can I Hire an Interior Designer for a DIY Project?

Are you in the process of decorating your own home and feeling a little overwhelmed? Do you have a room that’s mostly done but needs a few finishing touches? Did you just move into a home with an awkward layout and now you can’t figure out where to put the sofa? Maybe you’ve needed to paint your kitchen for years, but you just can’t pull the trigger because you can’t decide on a paint color.

If you are a DIY master but feel like you need a just little bit of help with your next project we have the perfect option for you- our DIY consultation. For $300 we can meet with you to review your project, nail down any problems you’re facing and hash out solutions with you.

Just as an example, I’ll share a few stories without you from a few recent consultations:

The "Pinterest-Perfect" Vision

The Blueprint Save

A consultation is also great option if your room is almost done, but just needs finishing touches. I’ve spent time with clients making a list of artwork, pillows, rugs, curtains and shelf décor that they would like in their rooms.

We develop a list of each item they need and the sizes that would work the best in their space. Once that is done, we can pull together a color scheme and inspiration photos so that when they go shopping they know exactly what to look for. It’s like having a little designer standing on your shoulder whispering “pick that one, stay away from that one over there.”

The benefits of a design consultation are immeasurable, even for a DIY design lover. Another set of eyes can elevate your space to a new level and help prevent costly mistakes. If you are seeking help with:

  1. Finishing touches

  2. Blueprint review

  3. Furniture layout

  4. Color suggestions

Please reach out today to schedule your consultation. If you know a DIY queen, please share this with her! We’d love to be of assistance during your next home project.

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