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Christmas Garland "DREAMS"

I shared on Instagram last week that both of my kids were home sick from school and I decided to start Christmas decorating while they napped and watched movies. I walked away with a cheerful home, a few scrapes on my arms, a new love of garland, and the realization that I actually prefer decorating for Christmas BEFORE Thanksgiving.

Now, if I just insulted you, I am sorry. I get it. I do. I've always been team "Don't skip Thanksgiving!," but we aren't hosting this year and we've already taken the kids on a Christmas train ride, so I was in the spirit and figured "why not!"

Well let me tell you...I've been so wrong. I always felt so stressed to get decorations up as quickly as possible after Thanksgiving. Honestly, its not fun and I'm never fully satisfied with my decorations because I am too focused on "getting them done" to use any creativity or make the improvements that I want to make. This year I made several changes, put out my Christmas village for the first time in years, and finally tried my hand at "real" garland on my staircase and mantel. YOU GUYS, I figured out a way to make it the easiest thing ever.

That's right. My mantel and stairs are dripping with what looks like lush, expensive, time consuming fresh garland and it was actually easy and fairly affordable. Check out this video to see how I did it.

I was so touched when I shared a few pictures on Instagram and a sweet friend commented and called my stairs "Christmas DREAMS." Honesltly, I kinda feel the same. I've wanted garland like this for YEARS and while I am so thankful that I did it this year, I feel silly for not tackling this sooner. I can't express how easy it was. Seriously, if you have an appreciation for lush, real garland but not the budget or time, this hack is for you. Give it a try and send me pictures! I'd love to see them!! You can send them to and we'll share some of our favorites on social media.

Instagram comment overlaid on an image of stairs decorated for Christmas with live garland. Comment reads "This is Christmas decor DREAMS."
A comment on social media from a sweet friend...who isn't actually an elf.

As always, if you are frustrated with your family's home and feel like it could serve you better, please reach out. We believe in creating homes that bless lives, and we'd love to help you start transforming your space in 2024. You can contact us at the email above or link below. We look forward to walking on this journey with you.

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