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How Does an Interior Designer Work? Steps 10-13

Welcome back to our blog series about project management with Alex Sallenger Design!

If you missed our first two posts in this series, you can read about steps 1-5 and steps 6-9.

Last week we left off immediately after the big client reveal, or step 9. So, you’re living your best life, relaxing with your family in your beautiful new home and it feels like your project with ASD has come to a close, but we’re not quite done yet. There are still just a few more steps to go.

Step 10: Identifying Deficiencies

Step 10 and 11 go hand in hand. Just to make sure that you have fair expectations, let me tell you that deficiencies arise during every design project. Every single one.

Some deficiencies are small, like a scuffed table leg, and some are large, like a light fixture that shattered during delivery. Our goal is to resolve deficiencies before step 8 so that our clients never even know there was a problem, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. Step 10 is identifying deficiencies and this is when we gather a list of any issues that need to be resolved after installation. Once this list is complete, we move on to step 11....

Step 11: Resolving Deficiencies

During step 11 we will work with our vendors, receivers, movers or trades people to get the problems we’ve identified resolved.

Sometimes this looks like replacing part of a piece, like a broken light shade. Sometimes it means bringing in a new piece entirely. We will also do our best to resolve these deficiencies for you.

Step 12: Account Reconciliation

Once all work is done on your space, it is time to move to step 12, account reconciliation.

During step 12 final invoices are calculated, we ask you complete our client satisfaction survey and we reconcile your account. This is when the balance of the retainer we collected during step 2 is returned to you as well.

Step 13: Project Conclusion

Step 13 brings us to the official end of your project.

Most of this step is done by our team to keep our office paperwork organized, but you will also receive documentation of any relevant information to the care of your pieces. This might be warranty information or directions on how to care for your new furniture.


Our 13-step project management program sets us apart from others and allows us to move your project smoothly from start to magazine worthy finish. You will always know what step your project is on, and what to expect during that step. If you are ready to start your own project at step 1 or you would like more information on our process, please contact us today.

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