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How Does an Interior Designer Work? Steps 6-9

Welcome back to our blog series about completing a project with Alex Sallenger Design! In our last post we covered steps 1-5 of our 13-step system and got you all the way through the big design presentation.

The design presentation is a huge milestone in your home project and it’s always super exciting to show off all of the hard work we did during step 4. We want to leave an image of your beautiful space floating around in your head for days. That image isn’t good enough though, we need to get moving on step 6 to bring that vision to life!

Step 6: Procurement

This is when we type up all of the purchase orders, send them off to our various manufacturers and artists and begin purchasing all of the little elements that will make up your amazing new space.

Some pieces are easy, we might be able to order a mirror from a vendor in a few simple steps. Some require many more steps, like a custom accent chair. We might have to order a “cut for approval” (that’s a sample of the fabric that comes from the same dye lot we’ll be using) of the fabric we will be working with before ordering the actual fabric. Once it’s approved, we can order the fabric and send it to the manufacturer. Finally, its time to work with them to receive fabric and design the chair. Procurement is the first step towards the physical creation of your space so it’s a lot of fun, but as you can imagine, it takes a lot of paperwork.

Step 7: Tracking

Step 6 is considered complete when all of your orders have been placed, but after that it is time to track them and develop a schedule of when everything will be received.

The length of step 7 can vary greatly. If everything for your project is in stock and ready for shipping it may only be a few weeks. On the other hand, if your furnishings are custom or coming from other countries it can take much longer. Towards the end of step 7 we will be able to schedule your reveal day!

Step 8: Installation

As your purchases are being delivered, we have them inspected and prepared for step 8, installation.

Step 8 is only completed for local clients or clients who have chosen our full-service travel plan. Once everything has arrived, it is time for us to get to work. We will ask you to leave for the duration of step 8, so no peeking! Installation for a single room project might take one day, but multi-room or whole home projects can take two or three days. Our team hustles hard to get your home looking picture perfect. We install all of the furnishings you ordered and style with accessories as needed.

Step 9: The Reveal

Once your room looks magazine worthy it is time for your return! Step 9 is the big client reveal.

It’s finally time for you to see your dream home come to life. We will quickly tour the space with you, review the styling package if needed, and then leave you to relax in your perfectly completed space. It’s time for you to enjoy it!


Step 9 in many ways feels like the end of the project, but we still have a little more work to do. We still have 4 steps to go. Thankfully, you get to complete everything surrounded by your beautiful new furnishings! Follow the blog so that you don’t miss our post next week when we will cover steps 10-13.

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