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Interior Design Goals for 2022

As this year comes to an end, I am reflecting on 2021, setting goals for 2022 and wondering why it still feels like 2019. Like all of us, I think I’m wondering where the last 2 years went, thanks to Covid.

2021 was a weird year for my family, we struggled through a really tough deployment for the first half of the year but, as any military spouse will tell you, that lead to a rejuvenated appreciation of family time during the second half of the year. We’ve also been so blessed to live close to family and many old friends which brought many great moments to 2021. All in all, 2021 was a challenging, but good year for us.

On a work front, 2021 was nothing less than a huge success. We set out with three major goals for the year, met two and missed the third by a smidge. Honestly, I think I am most excited about the one we missed. It led to a total overhaul of our project management process and I am so excited to use the new systems in 2022. We’ve always focused on providing our clients with an organized design experience, but now our systems to ensure that are even more refined and I LOVE them.

A powder room update was a highlight of 2021

With a review of the year done, I’m left looking forward to 2022. ASD has set three new major goals for next year. Two are boring business goals that you won’t care about, but the third is one that I think my clients will love. We have been working towards it since October when we initially set the goal, but it’s going full swing next year:

Alex Sallenger Design will support American manufacturing and small businesses by sourcing 85% (or more) of the elements we suggest for a client’s home from American businesses.

What does this look like to us?

An increase in vintage pieces found in local thrift stores, doubling down on purchasing textiles from American companies and a focus on designing with quality or custom furniture made here in the states.

What does this mean to you?

Our focus on custom furniture does not necessarily mean a higher price, but it does mean higher quality. Many times, a smaller manufacturer can create furniture that will give you the same style as a big-name store but with better finishes and in a similar price range.

Usually, American made will bring shorter lead times. We all know that everything under the sun is stuck on a boat somewhere, waiting to come into port. When I went to High Point Market in the fall, I had numerous conversations with vendors who are expecting deliveries to take 10-12 MONTHS in 2022. I know there is nothing they can personally do about it, but I can change that for my clients by keeping their furnishings off those ships in the first place. When we order from an American company or manufacturer, we don’t have to worry about that level of shipping delay. Just as a comparison, when speaking to American based companies at market, instead of being quoted 10-12 months for delivery it dropped to about 12-20 weeks for custom furniture and 6 or less for in stock pieces.

We can also bring so much more personality to your space when we are shopping with small businesses and local artisans. The big upcoming design trend is actually kind of an anti-trend. More and more designers are focusing on telling people’s own stories in their spaces instead of choosing elements that look like the most recent trend on the cover of HGTV magazine. ASD’s connections with highly skilled creators allow us to curate a beautiful space that is unique to you and highlights everything that is important to your family.


I know that this goal will bring challenges to the firm, but I think it will elevate our designs to a whole new level as well. Just writing this post makes me giddy with excitement, so you know I am dying to start tracking our success. If you believe in the importance of purchasing “Made in USA” just like we do please reach out today and, no matter what, please share this post. We want to spread the word about our plans for 2022…

We are now seeking clients who believe in supporting American businesses. Contact me to learn more about our services!

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