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Introducing the One Room Challenge

It’s almost time. The school bus is making its rounds in the neighborhood again, the weather is cooling off, leaves are changing, the air is crisp, the countdown is on. No, I’m not talking about college football. (That already started, duh!) I’m talking about the fall 2021 One Room Challenge

Have you heard of ORC before? Have you done it? Don’t worry if you haven’t, I can’t wait to share it with you! I’m prepping for the big kick off next week, scoping out the featured designers and making plans for my own challenge space so I figured I would fill you in on all of the beautiful details.

So first off, “What is the One Room Challenge, Alex?!?” It’s not a competition. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a challenge to redesign one room. In this case we have 8 weeks to get it done and we will all share our progress once a week. Each season ORC picks 20 designers who rocked their spaces and they become the featured designers during the following season. Those 20 designers share their updates on Wednesdays and everyone will be highlighted on Thursdays.


Naturally, I was quick to check out the Fall 2021 featured designers when they were announced. They are clearly all very talented, but I wanted to share just my fav 5 with you.

(These aren't in any particular order.)

1) Peonyandhoney has a light bright and airy Instagram that’s sprinkled with pops of pink and lots of girly vibes. Her feed feels like spring time!

2) Ourfifthhouse is like eye candy made just for me. All of the green in her feed makes my heart so happy. Plus-she moves all the time, so like, same.

3) Bethdianasmith is the queen of bold! She doesn’t shy away from color at.all. Her personality seems to be just as bold too, which makes her account a must-follow in my book.

4) Athomewithsavvy takes masculine design and raises it up to a level that can only be described as classy and elevated.

5) Reems_design caught my eye immediately. Her feed is so cheerful that you just have to smile back at it! Her light and airy style will blow you away.

Yikes! I can't even get a decent picture it's so bad!

So now that you know who I’ll be following this season, want to know what I’ll be doing?

I’m tackling the most boring room on our first floor-the powder room! Everything in there is so builder grade. There isn’t a single drop of personality and it’s time to change that.

So, follow along for the next 8 weeks as I attempt to give it an overhaul and complete the challenge!

Please subscribe to my email list, follow the blog and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook to see the updates each week and don’t forget to share with your friends!

Now, please excuse me, I’m off to go look at wallpaper samples……

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