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Mirrors are more than a sheet of glass

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Welcome to Alex Sallenger Design! If you haven’t joined us before I’m Alex, the lead designer and owner of ASD. Our mission is to create designs that are beautiful and, more importantly, rooms that improve the lives of our clients. We have interior design down to a science so that our clients are getting our full attention and expertise. This is more than a floorplan and links to purchase preselected furniture, it is a partnership to create and complete the homes that our clients need to live their best lives. If you would like to learn more or discuss your home project, please contact us today.

Every home needs a mirror. From your bathroom to your living room to your foyer, I’d be willing to bet that you have at least one, but probably more. Mirrors are clearly functional; without them how would we discreetly check our teeth for broccoli after dinner? However, they are so much more than that. They can also make a space feel larger by reflecting light and, if you choose the right one, they are pieces of art in your home. Mirrors have more than one function and because of that they should be more than just a sheet of glass.

Have you considered a mirror with a unique frame to hang near your front door? The right frame can elevate a mirror into a conversation piece. I’m particularly loving ones that make the mirror dual action by adding a shelf or ones that make the mirror appear to be hanging from a special hook or mounting system on the wall. Frames like these make people stop and look at the mirror before they stop and look at themselves. They are wall art first, mirror second.

Do you feel like your living room isn’t quite pulled together? Chances are you need a little more texture. In my mind everyone needs more texture in their home. Not a pattern, not a new color, just more texture. Mirrors can easily fill that requirement. From wooden and metal frames or even acid washed glass, mirrors are frequently the final touch that your space is begging for.

If you are trying to make a small space (read, my one room challenge bathroom) feel larger, a mirror with metallic accents is for you. Mirrors by themselves make a space feel larger, but add a metallic frame to that mirror to reflect even more light? You’re golden. (Ha! See what I did there?)

If you’re here for the ORC update, I only made a small visual change this week. My original mirror was far too long after I finished the board and batten so I picked up this great metallic mirror. It fits the space well and adds some flair. Once the walls are finished the frame will pop even more so I can’t wait to see that! What you can’t see this week is the 19 samples of wallpaper that I ordered! Yep, I still haven’t finalized my pick for the top 2/3rd of these walls. I’ve got to get that done.

A new metallic mirror for our One Room Challenge powder room.

So, do you have a space in your home that could benefit from some artwork, texture or more light? What is it? What type of mirror will you be looking for? Comment below to let me know, and as always, let me know if you need help finding the right piece.

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