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ORC Week 1- The Most Intimidating Project

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Welcome to Alex Sallenger Design! If you haven’t joined us before I’m Alex, the founder and owner of ASD. We are a unique firm that specializes in virtual interior design. Our mission is to create spaces that are beautiful and, more importantly, that improve the lives of our clients. We have online interior design down to a science so that our clients are getting our full attention and expertise. This is more than a floorplan and links to purchase preselected furniture, it is a partnership to create and complete the homes that our clients need to live their best lives. Please contact us today if you would like to discuss your own home project.

The first week of the Fall 2021 One Room Challenge is here, let the fun begin!! If you’ve never heard of the challenge, just check out my last post for all of the details and the room I’ll be making over.

So, how did my week go? Early in the week I finalized my plans for the powder room and picked out wallpaper and paint colors. I considered a few different colors like Van Dyke Brown, Enduring Bronze and Otter, but ultimately ended up going with Sherwin Williams’ Sable. It wasn’t a huge surprise; I’ve used the warm brown for 3 other projects in my house already.

Choices, choices 🤔

A few of the things that I have planned in my bathroom are a bit intimidating to me, including this week’s project-painting the ceiling. I love a colorful ceiling but I’ve never painted one on my own. The idea of splattering paint everywhere has always prevented me from tackling this in the past, but since the bathroom is small and relatively easy to clean if a spill does (did!) happen I figured this was a safe space to learn.

Now, I know the painting pros and all of the really serious DIY readers will roll their eyes at me, but I was already really nervous about making a mess so I *gasp!* taped the edges of the ceiling to start. It also gave me an idea of where I needed to position my step ladder to be able to reach everything.

Before picture of powder room showing the tape around the ceiling.
Check out those tape lines!

After the taping and a little self-motivating pep talk were done, I just went for it. Edging was probably the hardest part because my ladder wasn’t quite tall enough to easily reach the corners.

One precarious moment led to a fall that thankfully wasn’t all that bad. I ended up with a bruise on my leg and some paint spilled (miraculously!) only into the sink.

Paint spill into sink
Seriously, is this real life? How did I get THAT lucky?

Once I got the first coat on the ceiling, I was faced with the vent cover. When I pulled it down, I was worried it would be tough to work with, but it is just a plastic cover attached by 2 wires to the vent that’s in the ceiling. I figured that as long as I didn’t block the air flow it shouldn’t be a problem to paint it. Two thin coats later it was ready to go back up!

Fan cover for bathroom
This will be easier than expected! Yay!

From start to washing off my paint brushes this whole thing took less than an hour and a half, which totally surprised me. I was expecting it to be much more dramatic, so now I feel a little silly for being so afraid of ceilings.

We’re off to a good start, but have a long way to go.

The quick turn around and clean up meant that there was no evidence of my little project when Tom got home from work, so I decided to see how long it takes him to notice. The ceilings in there are high and its not a room you’d spend a ton of time looking around in, so it could take a while.

These walls are still so drab.

What’s your guess? Comment below to tell me how long you think it will take him to notice and if you think he’ll spot it in person first or on the blog. I’ll update as soon as he sees it and let you know what he thinks! This could be interesting…

Next week I’m hanging wallpaper! Make sure you subscribe to the blog and follow my social media accounts so that you don’t miss any updates.

I am so excited to find out how everyone else's week went! Don't for get to pop over to so that you can check out all of the beautiful projects that are starting!


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