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Setting the Perfect Holiday Tablescape

It’s been over 3 years since I’ve pulled out the nice dishes, chargers and linens. I go through phases. Some years I want everything to be impeccably decorated and some years I want (gasp!) disposable dishes and paper napkins. The last few years I haven’t had the bandwidth to host at all. This year is different. My husband should be here, we live near family, and I have a home that’s easy to entertain in. This year is a real dishes year.

Real dish years require a little more forethought than paper plate years. I’ve got a to-do list with several steps on it and I’ve finally checked off the tablescape.

Like so many families today, our formal dining room is actually a play room, so I’ll be serving Christmas dinner at our everyday table.

There are some elements of my holiday table that I use for any nice meal. It makes it a little easier to get ready for the big meal so I suggest the same for you, if you are in the market for a new tablescape. I keep these neutral so that I can add specific seasonal accessories and colors.

  1. My table cloth is tan and dishes are white

  2. I usually use my wood grain chargers

  3. My flatware is silver

These all work during both Thanksgiving and Christmas, and would suit any other formal dinner we might host during the year.

You might note that my table cloth is not JUST tan. This is one of my favorite holiday traditions:

Each year we pass a sharpie around the table and sign the table cloth. After the holidays are done and life has settled back down, I pull out the embroidery thread and stitch over the signatures. As a military family it is rare that we don’t have close friends sitting at our holiday table, as well as family. Each year we get to look back at the company we’ve celebrated with before, many of whom we don’t live near anymore. It is a sweet reminder of how blessed we are to have such amazing loved ones in our lives.

My Christmas specific accessories include my table runner, cloth napkins and the centerpiece. I added a few new pieces this year, like the green napkins and centerpiece. I will more than likely have an S embroidered on the napkins before the holidays next year.


Now that I know my table is ready for dinner it is time to finish wrapping gifts and ironing church clothes. Are you hosting this year? If so, is it a real dish year or paper plate year at your house? Comment below to tell me! I want to see those tables! Make sure that you send them to me on Instagram as well, can’t wait to see what you do!

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