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Why Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Wondering why you should hire an interior designer? Easy! Of course the right interior designer can create a beautiful and functional space for your family but did you know that we can also save you time AND money? That’s right, designers save you money on your home project.

I don’t think that many people would be surprised to hear me say that interior designers and decorators create beautiful spaces, that’s probably what most people think we do all day long.

At ASD our creative process involves much more than that.

  • We want to address any problem that you may be having in your home and develop solutions for them that will improve the way you live in your space.

  • We want to create functional flow in that room with the weird layout or design unexpected storage for your kid’s toys that are taking over the family room.

  • We want our projects to be beautiful, but we also expect them to be functional. Your home is not a magazine cover. It is fun to make it look like one, but it also needs to support your daily life. We always design with form and function in mind.

So, how does working with an interior design firm save you time?

Well, let me ask you this- Would you rather spend hours upon hours browsing local antique stores, furniture stores and workrooms hunting for your home’s perfect pieces or would you rather spend a few hours with us drinking a cup of coffee and reviewing a design presentation that already includes the right elements? We all know that you could spend days’ worth of your free time hunting for the perfect bedding for your new guest room and still not find it, or we can do the hunting for you. With the right connections and vendors, we are going to successfully find that perfect piece quickly, let us take it off of your plate.

Finally, and the thing that I think surprises people the most, is that it is not uncommon for us to actually save our clients quite a bit of money, compared to what they would have spent if they completed the project on their own. We do this in two ways:

  1. We prevent costly mistakes and we can cut out excessive markups. Have you ever purchased a piece of furniture, set it up in your home and realized that it’s just not right? What happens next? You have to pay to ship it back to the vendor and lose money on restocking fees or, even worse, it’s not refundable and you’re left with the hassle of trying to work around it or selling it for a loss online. At ASD we develop your space’s entire plan before presenting anything to you, which means mistakes like that are eliminated. We know that everything works together before you even see it.

  2. We also save you money through our reasonable pricing practices. We are committed to respecting your hard-earned dollar and we price our suggested furnishings fairly, usually below what you would see at a large home store. It is easy to spend money on design and administrative fees when you are getting such great pricing.

For potential clients who are considering working with an interior designer for the first time it can feel overwhelming to take the leap and hire us. Consider for a moment the relief that will come along after we take over your project:

You will no longer have to worry about finding the right sofa, learning how to style shelves or managing freight shipping. You will have your Saturday afternoons back to spend time with your family. You can trust that we will be respectful of your money. You can have peace of mind that your home will soon be complete, functional and beautiful.

Interior designers bring so much more to the table than a pretty room and you deserve the benefits that ASD can offer you. If you would like to know more about our design process please fill out our contact form or call us today, we’d be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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