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The Farmhouse's Final Touch

A couple who has been putting off their own space in order to complete the renovation of their family home is finally getting the bedroom they deserve.

Whose home is this? Ashley from Washington

Why did Ashely need us? Ashley came to me while she and her husband were putting an addition on their farmhouse in the Pacific Northwest. She had decision AND construction fatigue and was second guessing all of the choices she had made. To put it simply, she was out of brain power to finish the room that, realistically, she probably needed finished the most.

What did Ashley need? Besides a fresh set of eyes to look at her home and someone to take on the pressure of making decisions, she needed a room that would feel intimate and relaxing for her and her husband but would stand up to their kids and pets. This is a real farmhouse, out in the country, it needs to work with their lifestyle!

What was the inspiration? Ashley's home is already beautiful and is full of high contrast design. She loves that farmhouse style and black and white. She wanted the master suite to coordinate with the rest of the home but was concerned that black and white would feel cold or boring.

What did we do? From the whitewashed planks on the ceiling to the dark and moody walls we gave this room a base that plays perfectly with the rest of the home. Then we began layering in softness, textures and other colors with the furnishings and accessories. The warm wood tones keep the room from feeling stark or cold and the various creams, greys and browns give it a curated look.

What if I need your brain power to finish my space as well? Working with us is simple! First, we start with a consultation meeting, then my team and I plan your design, and then we work with you to execute it. To get started, you can book your consultation here -> Book Now

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