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The Flipped Foreclosure Kitchen

This foreclosure had a great price tag and even better bones, but it needed a lot of TLC.

This was actually my own kitchen for a brief time! When we were moving to North Carolina for my husband's job I stumbled upon a foreclosure that needed some love, and somehow talked him into tackling it with me. We lived in the house while we worked on it and sold it when we PCSed.

My biggest considerations for this home were cleaning it up, keeping it comfortable for my family and making sure to improve resale value in any way that we could. I developed a design plan and color scheme that would complement the existing countertops and backsplash. After a lot of paint, new hardware, lighting and more we brought a "faux Tuscan" kitchen into this century and successfully sold the home within a few days of listing.

Overall, I loved this project, and can't wait to do it again some day!


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