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Traveled and Colorful Living Room

A family friendly living room full of warm colors, durable textiles and memories of past trips.

This living room was created with small children and large dogs in mind. Every detail from the grade of paint on the walls to the fabric on the sofa was chosen so that it's easy to clean, durable and still beautiful.

When our project began this space was nothing but a boring square. We added seating and storage and knew that we needed to add character and color to play along with the pre-existing area rug. The highlight of this room for me was the gallery wall. Each piece in the collection was either purchased on a family trip or was selected to represent a trip.

This room went from boring to cozy and welcoming. This is the primary space in the home to gather as a family and to entertain guests, so there is no doubt that having it completed is making day-to-day life easier!

If it is time to complete your own gathering space your first step is to book a consultation with us!

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